14th - 16th May, 2021


About iHack

ISA-VIT is proud to present iHACK, a 48-hour hackathon and the cornerstone for SPARK’21. It is not only a hackathon, but also a perfect stepping stone to ignite a creative SPARK in newcomers. This hack also caters to the seasoned veterans, challenging them to intertwine their creativity with their technical skills. This hack will provide you with sharp-minded mentors, a smooth hackathon experience, and the chance to win exciting prizes and goodies. We open the gates for not only skilled coders, but also students, designers, innovators, and everyone with the passion to shoot their shot. We wish you all the best, and may the best Hackers prevail!

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ISA-VIT works under the International Society of Automation as a non-profit student chapter in VIT University, Vellore. Our vision is to set a standard for those who apply technology and engineering to improve the management, safety, and security of modern automation and embedded systems throughout the industry. Our function is to conduct various speaker sessions, technical sessions, events, and hands-on workshops all in the interest of enthusiastic students to help them realize their interests and foster their curiosity.

Spark is the annual flagship event conducted by ISA-VIT. It is a platform to showcase ingenuity and technical skills. The first Spark event was conducted in 2013 and has amassed large public interest among students since then. Spark 2021 includes a 48- hour hackathon along with hands-on workshops, speaker sessions conducted by esteemed speakers, and an assortment of various other events.

Healthcare and Social Responsibility



Safety, Security and Surveillance

Blockchain and


Prizes for winning will range from cash prizes, goodies, coupons, merchandise etc. depending on the different tracks.




Best Innovative Idea


Best Pitch


Yes, you can, but you will be added to a discord server where you'll have to search for teammates. There are no restrictions regarding universities. Your team can have members from different universities across the globe!

The entire hackathon will be 48 hours long and it is completely free of cost.

Yes, there will be workshops conducted weeks prior to the hackathon. These workshops will have topics based on the tracks for the hackathon.

A channel will be provided on the Discord server to help you get in touch with the mentors.

A minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 members in one team.

There are several workshops being held before and during the event where you can get to learn a lot. Moreover, the mentors will be ready to help you.

No, your projects must be built from scratch, however you can incorporate previously built APIs in your submission.

You can join the Discord server through the link on the home page, and you can also download the SPARK’21 app available on Google Play Store.

If you wish to submit a small presentation or video that demonstrates the working of your product, you may do so. However, it’s not mandatory.

The entire idea need not be fully implemented however, the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

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